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You can have healthy teeth and gums if you visit your dentist routinely and get the work completed.  But before you get the work completed you need to find that dentist.

When you choose a dentist you want a person who is professional, experienced, and friendly. You want a person you feel comfortable with and you can trust.

Within our website we provided all the key pieces of information you need to make your decision to choose a dentist.  We want you to be happy, educated, and comfortable.

Browse through our Patient testimonials, Before & After Pictures, Doctor Biography, & Video Tour to see for yourself.

You can also call if you have any questions or concerns at (714)871-4892 or fill out our Online Inquiry Form.
When you arrive into our Orange County office you can expect to first sit with Dr. Jayshree Shah and her team to get to know each other on a personal level.  We like to talk about everything but dentistry in the beginning so you can feel at ease with her and the office.

Once diagnosing begins we work in a simple yet effective manner. We diagnose based on priority:

  • Restorative
  • Cosmetic
  • Preventive

We focus on Restorative first since in that phase is where we want to get your mouth to a healthy state.  Once your mouth is in optimal health then we can move on to the Cosmetic phase to see if you need or want anything to improve the aesthetics of your smile.  Lastly, we focus on the Preventative phase so we can plan on how to maintain all the new dental work and prevent any other problems to arise.

We build a comprehensive treatment plan that covers everything you will need. We believe you need to be aware and educated of all problem areas in your mouth.  We know if you take care of your mouth’s health now you will save tons of money and headaches in the long run.

We believe our method is quality care. We want you to walk out of our office healthy, happy, and looking great!

If you are ready to come in for your appointment call us at (714)871-4892, fill out the Appointment Request, check out the New Patient and Our Office pages. We genuinely look forward to seeing you.

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